Effective Size and Effectiveness: Next Generation Sequencing | 13531

Zeitschrift für Sequenzierung und Anwendungen der nächsten Generation

ISSN - 2469-9853


Effective Size and Effectiveness: Next Generation Sequencing and the Practice of Genomics in Africa

Ibrahim M, Musa M

The tremendous and unprecedented insights provided by next generation sequencing into genome functions, variations and interactions promises an enormous shift in our attitude towards individual and population genetics, both in health and disease. Concepts and paradigms could be verified or nullified based on large complete sets of data rather than few genes or inference from large sets of comparison with substantial gaps like genome wide association studies (GWAS). Functional variant(s) may be associated with phenotypes at a “personalized” level. Rare variants underlying common diseases-and even underlying variations in health-are a frequent encounter in the genomic era. Simple inductive generalizations would hastily blur the lines between what is a true abnormality and what is not.